05B4 Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo

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The important bilateral relationship between Japan and the United States that exists today is very much in evidence at U.S. Fleet Activities Sasebo, where ships of the Japan Maritime Self Defense Force and the United States Seventh Fleet share this excellent port.

Captain Matthew D. Ovios, CFAS commander, met with the Japan-Korea Student Association and the Korea-Japan Student Association Aug. 6, briefing them on the background and responsibilities of the base and taking their questions. CFAS First responders take care of an "injured Sailor" during a training drill as part of Exercise Citadel Pacific, onboard USS Pioneer (MCM-9). Quartermaster Chief Petty Officer selectee Scott Lopez removes one stripe of the American flag during an American flag retirement ceremony outside of Commander Fleet Activities Sasebo (CFAS) headquarters.Command Ombudsmen pose for a group photo during the "Ombudsman Luncheon."Chiefs pose together after the chief selects' pinnings.


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