05B4 Naval Magazine Indian Island

Welcome to Naval Magazine Indian Island

Naval Magazine Indian Island provides operational ordnance logistics in support of Navy, Joint, and Allied forces, emphasizing safety, accuracy and efficiency.

Installation Information

Military personnel under orders to Naval Magazine Indian Island should call 360-340-1984 for assistance with the check-in process.

All visitors to Naval Magazine Indian Island must receive prior approval before visiting.  Visitors must coordinate their visit with a representative of Naval Magazine Indian Island and submit all necessary information at least five working days prior to visit. The required information will be full name, dates of visit, date of birth and driver's license number. Visitors and their vehicles will be inspected, and they must have proof of insurance, registration and driver's license.

Personnel arriving at Naval Magazine Indian Island with a regular vehicle decal and/or Military I.D. or Common Access Card will not be allowed access and will be turned away. Security at Naval Magazine Indian Island is very strict and personnel will be turned away for missing any of the above information. Personnel will not be granted access for over 30 days without a Region badge. A Region badge is needed in addition to a Common Access Card.

Unofficial photography is prohibited on Naval Magazine Indian Island and cameras will not be allowed on base without approval and a camera pass.

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