Milton Florida - Home to NAS Whiting Field and Training Air Wing Five. T-6B Texan II's - Primary training aircraft for Training Air Wing Five in formation. Dashboard inside the cockpit of a T-6B Texan II. Dawn at NAS Whiting Field South Field. Crash personnel night time training on the Mobile Aircraft Firefighter Trainer.

Welcome to Naval Air Station Whiting Field

Welcome to the Naval Air Station Whiting Field, located in beautiful northwest Florida. Naval Air Station Whiting Field occupies approximately 12,000 acres, including 13 outlying fields with three separate and fully operational airfields.

Installation Information

Our mission is to produce the military’s best trained “Aviation Warfighter. NAS Whiting Field is where the future of Naval Aviation begins. As the host of 21 tenant activities, including the Training Air Wing FIVE who produces over 1,200 pilots a year.

NAS Whiting Field owns 61% of Navy outlying landing fields, and 11% of all DoD flight hours are flown out of NAS Whiting.

Sexual Assault Support #:  1-877-995-5247

NASWF Sexual Assault Response Coordinator #:  (850) 499-5810

NASWF Victim Advocate #:  (850) 554-5383

NAS Pensacola Sexual Assault Response Coordinator #:  (850) 554-5606

NASWF Suicide Prevention Coordinator #: Primary (850) 382-4988, Alternates - Chaplain's Office #: (850) 623-7211, Command Duty Officer #: (850) 382-4966

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