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Naval Base Ventura County was named the 3rd place large installation winner in the CNIC Installation Excellence Awards. The award pits all large Navy installations in the world against one another, and against such strong competition, NBVC is proud of it's first-time accomplishment. Read more at http://www.navy.mil/submit/display.asp?story_id=85098 


For the latest news about Naval Base Ventura County (NBVC), please visit the command Facebook page and join in the conversation.  You can also check out the installation newspaper, The Lighthouse, online.

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I like this post, enjoyed this one thankyou for posting . bdeecdaakbbgdafk
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How come public works isn't paying their outside small contractors for work completed?
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is the base still in 100% ID checks right now?
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you are having an air show but are hiding the information on the web site. Please have the air show info easy to find
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Over the last few years there has been a meet the Dallas Cowboys at the base, as they open training camp in Oxnard. Will there be one this year ?
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Overcome evil with good. It has been done many times before in history. Is it possible? Do we have the resources? Perhaps. maybe no. Think of all the impossible things that have alread 3B69 y happened and been done by people of vision. It can happen that we shelter and nurture an impossibly large number of refugees, because the source of all good prospers works of kindness and mercy. If we respond to the source of all good then we will ultimately receive enough manna to feed the needy. If we do not maybe we will all die in a desert of violence and fear, because the violence they are fleeing from will be unopposed by goodness. Risk it, risk it, after all people have taken great risks before and they have achieved the unthinkable and the impossible. Turn the world round because goodness has an ally and does overcome evil.
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Due to the current, valid, health concerns of the border patrol agents, the fact that some of them have already been infected by different and various diseases, is it wise to continue this operation as stated? Many of these undocumented people have infectious diseases which could eventually transmit and transfer to the vast civilian population, what containment procedures will be implemented to curtail the possibility and probability of said? Why can we not immediately transfer these people to holding facilities well removed from the United States proper to eliminate the greater risk of cross contamination to the general population? Why should we bear the total expense, including containment and eventual removal, when we are the aggrieved in this situation? How are we to compensate those who, while in our employ, become infected and ill from close contact with these illegal undocumented people, even to the extent that they may have life-long or long term implications and disabilities? I could see this as a humanitarian operation if there was a raging civil war in the countries from which they have come, if they were political asylum refugees, and in some extremely difficult and dangerous conditions none of which exist in their home countries. Understanding that our own President Obama has encouraged, in ways, to have these people cross nearly a thousand miles of foreign territory to gain illegal entrance to our country, why should we allow these people to not be deported, allow them asylum and let them enjoy the benefits of citizenship unconditionally? We are not an uncaring society, for the most part, and as such we perform many charitable acts, good acts to strangers and neighbors alike. To have an invading force continuously crossing our borders, stealing our resources, driving up the cost of our social services programs, forcing our school districts to raise taxes to cover the influx of non English speaking children and adults and the programs that are needed to teach them and help them learn, the additional crime that they bring to our cities and towns, the drugs and violence from that sector and much more have been paid for by citizens and the tax payers of the United States, but why and for how much longer? We citizens are not the cure-all for the world nor are we the long term answer for those who are born in other countries in which the citizens have a lessor say in their government than we do. We are not the bastion of hope for the world, we should not be expected to freely open our borders and offer citizenship to everyone who desires it. Much like the Roman Empire we shall cease to exist as we are now simply by catering to every desire of the world, as the roman empire attempted. To continue as a nation, such as we are, we need to have control of our borders, further the job market in ways that foster competition yet provide good wages and profits, expand good and affordable health care that is inclusive and not restrictive, foster racial harmony and fairness, enforce the fair and honest laws to every person, defend our citizens and land as forcefully as necessary and to the extent that should preclude others from challenging it, and the list continues but is not so inclusive that it restricts free thought and exercise of such. We need to seal our borders, change some of our customs and immigration laws so that we can remove the incidents of prior illegal entry as well as the newest incidents quickly and permanently. Continuing to allow our President, members of Congress and others to allow the illegal border crossings to continue for political purposes, for any purpose, should no longer be acceptable and those who continue to allow it should be removed from their positions at the earliest convenience of the voters. A recall law should be established that covers all elected and - or appointed officials. Term limits should be imposed so that fresh and new ideas can be infused into the government on all levels. It is time that this problem gets addressed to the satisfaction of the majority of the legal population of our country, and not to the discretion of the feelings of the liberal voices who believe that they are the only moral voice in the crowd. Cure the problem before the problem becomes uncurable without the demise of our society.
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Is there any news about the current outbreak of H1N1 ?
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I am embarrassed that some of my fellow citizens have chosen to behave in such an unfeeling way towards these poor, frightened young immigrants. I hope they are treated well at your facility. I wish we could do more for them. As a mother, I am mindful of the great anxiety they must be feeling. God bless all who are kind to them.
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Yes, I agree with you. But please do not call them immigrants, they are illegal aliens. We need to treat them as humans though and care and feed them during this trying episode of their lives. Imagine if we were trying to smuggle ourselves into their country. We would be jailed. I hope that we could care for them until we return them to their country of origen. They would at least know us as kind but lawful people. I do the same for stray animals, it's the pound who euthanizes them.
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They are children. If they have crossed our paths we are responsible to ensure that they are cared for with gentleness and kindness. Love does not require a social security number. I understand the need to do things lawfully, however that fact lacking will never be an excuse to treat a child poorly. What can we, the people who live here legally and who care, do to help? Why have I heard that we are not allowed to see them or visit them, or the churches are not allowed to donate anything for their comfort - physical, emotional, mental, spiritual?
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If you want to invite the diseases and parasites they carry into your own home, then go right ahead and do it.See how long you go before you end up with whatever they are carrying inside and on them. The little parasites and scabies will do very nice in your home.
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What an unkind comment! Of course a few will be ill and/or infected with something. Every been to a public school? Ask any teacher about lice and you'll find it's everywhere - but it's treatable. Where is your "human kindness?" We should be judged by how we treat the youngest, oldest and most needy around us. How do you stack up in that regard? What would you want others to do for you or your loved ones? It was only an accident of birth that placed you in the USA - does that make you better or more responsible to help others who didn't have that random gift. I know it makes me incredibly lucky and grateful enough to share what I have - time and resources - to help those who are fleeing from dangers and violence I fortunately have never know - ESPECIALLY innocent children.
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immigrant - noun
a person who migrates to another country, usually for permanent residence.

alien - noun
a resident born in or belonging to another country who has not acquired citizenship by naturalization (distinguished from citizen ).

I suppose both apply but these children came here with the hope of living permanently. This makes them immigrants.
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Because they are not adults and cannot make decisions on their own, they are not immigrants. They are aliens that our nation is supporting, with monies raised by collecting taxes from citizens. We should find their country of origin, fine that country for the amount to support the alien, then ship them back.
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