The Defense Commissary Agency operates a worldwide chain of commissaries providing groceries to military personnel, retirees and their families in a safe and secure shopping environment. Authorized patrons purchase items at cost plus a five–percent surcharge, which covers the costs of building new commissaries and modernizing existing ones. Shoppers save an average of more than 30 percent on their purchases compared to commercial prices—savings worth about $3,000 annually for a family of four. Commissaries enhance the quality of life for America's military and their families, and help recruit and retain the best and brightest men and women to serve their country.

Surveys consistently rate the commissaries as one of the military's top nonpay benefits. Many young service families, particularly those stationed in high-cost-of-living urban areas, simply could not make ends meet without the price savings provided by the commissaries. Those savings amount to about double the appropriated cost of running the system. In other words, preserving this level of compensation in direct dollar payments to military personnel would cost the government twice the current fund appropriation.

Commissaries accepts both the Food Stamp Program and the Women Infant Children (WIC) Vouchers.  Please call the Navy Family Service Center to find out local Food Stamp Office numbers and locations.  When you do, ask for the Information and Referral Specialist at (202) 433-6143, (DSN) 288-6143.  Disabled patrons may begin shopping 30 minutes prior to normal commissary hours.  All accept American Express, Discover, Master Card and Visa.

Additional information on commissaries is available at the Defense Commissary Agency's website.

The following commissaries are located in the Washington, DC area:

Joint Base Andrews
Shoppers enjoy a bakery, deli, home meals, coupon exchange area, handicap friendly facility grab and go section, lunch time register for 10 items or less, 15 minute parking area, deli and vegetable trays and cakes to order.

1684 Starkey Avenue
Andrews AFB, MD 20762-6302
Andrews Air Force Base is located in Camp Springs, Maryland, off exit 9 of the Capital Beltway (I-495).

Phone Numbers
  Store  (240) 857-6512
  DSN  (240) 857-6512
  Bakery  (240) 857-6512,extenstion 3021
  Deli  (240) 857-6512, extension 3014
  Ye Ole Butcher Shoppe  (240) 857-6512, extension 3016

  Monday through Saturday, 0700 to 2000
  Sunday, 0700 to 1800

Joint Base Anacostia Bolling:
The commissary here features a bakery with full service cake decorating and photo cakes; fresh seafood, including steamed shrimp, crab and lobster; a full service deli; in-store banking; and a complimentary coffee bar.

Building 4570
185 Chappie James Bldv.
Bolling AFB, DC  20332-6220
Exit 1A off of I-295 North; exit 2 from I-295 South.  Follow the signs to Bolling AFB.

Phone Numbers
  Store  (202) 767-4695
  DSN  297-4695
  Bakery  (202) 767-1382
  Deli  (202) 767-4152
  Fresh Seafood  (202) 767-5234
  In-Store Bank  (202) 624-1090

  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday, 0930 to 1900
  Thursday, 0930 to 2000
  Saturday, 0800 to 1700
  Sunday, 1000 to 1700

NSF Dahlgren
The commissary here features a Grab N' Go section; 15 minute parking; and complimentary coffee.

Building 118
Dahlgren, VA  22448
I-95 to exit 133 (Route 3), follow for 26 miles. Turn left onto Highway 301 North. Make right on Route 206 (two miles from main gate).

Phone Numbers
  Store  (540) 653-7317
  DSN 249-7317

  Tuesday, 0930 to 1900
  Wednesday, 0930 to 1800
  Thursday and Friday, 1000 to 1800
  Saturday, 00930 to 1600
  Closed Sunday and Monday

Fort Belvoir
The commissary at Fort Belvoir features full service deli, bakery and seafood department, as well as a Home Meal Replacement Program.

Building 2302
6020 Gorgas Road
Fort Belvoir, VA 22060-6209

Phone Numbers
  Store  (703) 781-0536 or 806-6674
  DSN  656-6371
  Bakery  (703) 806-6628
  Deli  (703) 806-6628
  Ye Ole Butcher Shoppe  (703) 806-6680

  Tuesday-Friday - Early Bird 0700-0900, 15 items or less, limited shopping
  Sunday, 0900-1900
  Monday-Thursday, 0900-2100
  Saturday, 0800-2000

Fort Detrick
The commissary at Fort Detrick features a Grab N' Go section and complimentary coffee.

Building 1520A
Porter Avenue
Fort Detrick, MD 21702
From Washington:  Take I-270 North to Route 15 North; Take the 7th Street Exit.  Turn right at bottom of ramp, proceed into main gate, turn right.

Phone Numbers
  Store  (301) 619-2990
  DSN  343-2990

  Tuesday and Thursday, 1000 to 1900
  Wednesday and Friday, 1000 to 1800
  Saturday, 0900 to 1700
  Closed Sunday and Monday

Fort Meade
The commissary at Fort Meade features a Grab N' Go section; full service Fish Market; Bakery; and Deli.

Building 2786
Mapes and MacArthur Roads
Fort Meade, MD 20755-5210
Take Route 295 (Baltimore/Washington Parkway); Take Route 175 East (Odenton exit); Right on Mapes Road; Right on Macarthur Road.

Phone Numbers
  Store  (301) 677-7463
  DSN  923-7463
  Bakery  (301) 677-6322
  Deli  (301) 677-5533
  Fresh Seafood  (301) 677-5532
  Ye Ole Butcher Shoppe  (301) 677-5532

  Monday through Friday, 0900 to 2000
  Saturday, 0800 to 1800
  Sunday, 0900 to 1800

Fort Myer
The commissary at Fort Myer features a Grab N' Go section; Grab N' Go 15 minute parking; priority for military in uniform between 1130-1300 & 1700-1830; Bakery; Fresh Seafood; Deli; and Complimentary Coffee.

Building 409
523 Carpenter Road
Fort Myer, VA 22211
Take I-395 to Exit 8 and follow signs to Fort Myer

Phone Numbers
  Store  (703) 696-3674
  DSN  426-3674
  Bakery  (703) 696-3674 ext 3012
  Deli  (703) 696-3674 ext 3013
  Fresh Seafood  (703) 696-3674 ext 3010
  Ye Ole Butcher Shoppe  (301) 677-5532

  Monday, Wednesday and Friday, 0830 to 1900
  Tuesday and Thursday, 0830 to 1930
  Saturday, 0800-1830
  Sunday, 1000 to 1700

Patuxent River NAS
The commissary at Patuxent River NAS features in-store bakery and deli; Early Bird Shopping (15 items of less) 0800-1000, Tuesday through Friday; Grab N' Go section; Take Home Meals Case; and complimentary coffee.

Building 2173
2173 Cuddihy Road
NAS Patuxent River, MD  20670
From Washington, DC, take Hwy 5 South to Waldorf.  Take Hwy 235 South to Lexington Park.  The base is on the left.  Follow signs to the commissary.

Phone Numbers
  Store  (301) 342-3789
  DSN  342-3789
  Bakery  (301) 853-5169
  Deli  (301) 853-5169

  Closed Mondays
  Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 1000 to 1900
  Wednesday, 0800 to 1000
  Saturday, 0900 to 1800
  Sunday, 1000 to 1700

Quantico Marine Corps Base
The commissary at Quantico MCB features in-store bakery and deli; fresh seafood; and a Grab N' Go section.

Building 3400
3400 Russell Road
Quantico MCB, VA  22134
Off I-95, take exit 148

Phone Numbers
  Store  (703) 784-2476
  DSN  278-2476
  Bakery  (703) 784-1366
  Deli  (703) 784-1366
  Fresh Seafood  (703) 784-3395

  Monday, 1000 to 1900
  Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 0900 to 1930
  Saturday, 0800 to 1800
  Sunday, 0900 to 1800




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