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I am looking for the copy for the 29th of September,1995. The journalist was JF Lancaster who an article for National Hispanic month on my cousin Engineman First class Manuel Hernandez. It was on the front page with the USMC massive exercise hits the beach article.

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Hello, I came across a navy compass at a garage sale and was wondering what ship it was on. The compass is 9 1/2 inches, and wording around it is U.S. NAVY BU. SHIPS. MARK 1 10669 1943 THE LIONEL CORPORATION N.Y. Anybody know anything or where I can go to get more information on this? Thanks!
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I am looking for a copy of the article detailing the first US cartilage transplantation to the Hip...published in the Navy Compass around 2004.Tried using your archive query but no joy.
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