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CREDO Southwest

Our History and Focus

CREDO, founded in 1971 by Chaplain Don Harris right here in San Diego, originally stood for “Chaplain’s Response to the Emerging Drug Order”. CREDO began as an effort to deal with the Navy’s growing drug problem in the years immediately following our involvement in the Viet Nam conflict. CREDO has changed quite a bit over the last 40 years. To start with, CREDO’s focus has changed and with it, our name. Today CREDO stands for Chaplain’s Religious Enrichment Development Operation. However, our retreats and programs are non-religious in nature. We welcome participants from any faith orientation or none at all. Currently there are 12 Navy CREDO offices around the world. We’re stationed throughout the U.S. and overseas with the Navy and the Marine Corps. We welcome active duty participants (full-time active duty and Reservists serving on active duty) from all branches of the Department of Defense and the Coast Guard and their family members.


CREDO Southwest: Celebrating What’s Right with the World!


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