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Airfield Operations Department performs and manages activities, including air traffic control (ATC) and airfield management that support flight operations.

Departments Phone Numbers
Air Operations Dept Head 619-545-8262
Assist. Operations Officer 619-545-8261
NAB Officer in Charge 619-437-2075
Air Operations Secretary 619-545-8263
Air Operations Dept LCPO 619-545-8263
Air Operations Admin Officer 619-545-1076
Air Operations Admin 619-545-8266
Air Operations Admin LPO 619-545-7026
Air Operations DV Lounge 619-545-8269
Air Terminal Manager 619-545-9531
Air Terminal Information Desk 619-545-9567
Cargo Supervisor 619-545-9533
Air Ops ITPOC 619-545-8266 / 7026
Air Traffic Controller D.O. 619-545-8238
Air Traffic Controller LCPO 619-545-8239
Air Traffic Controller Admin 619-545-8246
Air Traffic Controller 619-545-8241 fax
CFOD Division Officer 619-545-8509
CFOD LCPO 619-545-8509
CFOD Admin 619-545-8509
CFOD 619-545-8258 - Fax
Flight Planning 619-545-0348 / 6371
GEMD Division Officer 619-545-8248
GEMD LCPO 619-545-8247
GEMD Admin 619-545-8249
Imperial Beach OIC 619-437-9417
Imperial Beach Admin 619-437-9414/ 9415
Imperial Beach 619-437-9416 fax
Operations Duty Officer (ODO) 619-545-8233

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