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Distracted While Driving


Driving While Texting: The very real human consequences that can result from driving while 'InTEXTicated.'


Phone company records of text messages are irrefutable and accurate to the second; so it would be an easy matter to prove in court that a person was texting at the time of an accident. As with drunken driving, a jail sentence (no matter the driver's age) will be mandatory whenever anyone is injured by an InTEXTicated driver.

New California Law on Cell Phones

California Legislative / Bills

CHP - Start Smart Program

NHTSA - National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website covers research into distracted driving as well driver strategies. Drowsy and Distracted driving can be found unter the Traffic Safety link.

Naval Safety Center ( - offers its view of distracted driving and gives a list of resources to use

Nation-wide Smart Ride ( - Talking to your teen about driving safely is something that can be adapted for young sailors.

Driving While Distracted Videos
Promoting Safe Driving -

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