The Federal Fire and Emergency Services organization operations include: Shipboard, airfield, structural, and wildland, and response to emergencies involving injury and illness, and sometimes situations which may be life threatening. The employee is responsible for driving and operating fire apparatus when responding to fires, emergencies, and emergency medical calls. The employee may be required to rotate duty stations to ensure maximum proficiency in all firefighting operations.

Fire Company Operations: Full organic capability to provide fire fighting, fire prevention, CBRNE, technical rescue, hazardous material response, training and related functions.

Fire Prevention Program: 100% inspections completed; Also includes but not limited to training, public education, construction plans reviews, hot work permits, evacuation drills and fire investigations.

Tech Rescue (non-labor): Confined space and high angle rescue equipment and training for all assigned personnel to meet OSH requirements. Personal atmospheric monitoring devices and personal protective equipment.

Hazmat/CBRNE (non-labor): Hazardous Material response equipment for spill containment, dyking, damming and diverting. Personal Protective equipment for Level A, B, and C entry requirements per OSH standards. Atmospheric and personal monitoring equipment

All Fire Protection Services are in accordance with applicable standards, instructions and laws.

Federal Fire and Emergency Services is responsible to both the installations which they support, and also to the region.

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