Physical Security

Physical security is a component of our organization, used to ensure facilities are able to conduct their business in a secure environment.

The mission of Physical Security is to either slow down a threat such that it will be detected by a response team, or to deter a threat such that the cost to the threat will exceed potential gain.


Skilled Physical Security personnel teams deter and prevent un-authorized access to facilities, resources, and information. These teams are allocated appropriate resources, and are maintained, to carry out assigned missions. The personnel teams, in addition to physical obstacles, alarms, security lighting, patrols, closed-circuit television cameras, and other measures, form a significant opposition in obstacle, detection, and response to threats.

The actions of physical security teams are governed by U.S. Code, Department of Defense regulations, Navy instructions and regulations, and facility specific procedures.

Physical security teams are responsible to both the installation which they support, and also to the region.

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