The mission of Commander Navy Region Southwest Training Department is to provide the highest quality and state of the art training in Anti-Terrorism, Force Protection and Law Enforcement Education possible, facilitating the objectives of Navy Security Forces Ashore and Afloat. The training program will be able to teach new recruits and experienced patrol personnel, through basic training, and in-service training lectures and practical application.

Training certification and re-certification for security personnel is set-forth by Navy Instructions, and the Department of Defense Directives.

The Security Training Director for Commander Navy Region Southwest ensures that the men and women, serving in Force Protection, are as well prepared as possible for different scenarios, in order to facilitate the operational objectives of the Commander Navy Region Southwest. Approximately one hundred thousand hours of training are provided annually

Among the administration tasking that the Security Training Director performs is creating the Training Requirements Plan and Curriculum for our organization , which dictates the nature of the training that will be offered, when and where the training will be held. The Director also ensures compliance with various Department of Defense and Navy Instructions.

There are many different categories of training courses. Some of the broad categories of training are: weapons skill, use of force, physical training, unarmed self defense, security watch standing, search and seizure, communications, antiterrorism awareness, individual tactics, uniform code of military justice, apprehension and restraint, crowd control, basic first aid, community relations, crime prevention, protection of a crime scene, and disaster and emergency plan execution.

The provided courses are instructed by a staff of professional instructors with military, federal government, and civilian law enforcement backgrounds.

The Commander Navy Region Southwest Training Department is the point of contact for training registration.

The most current training courses, and a brief description of each, are available via the Security Training Director. However for the purpose of convenience, the training information available at the time of this writing is provided: Training Courses and Description

The training courses are recommended for all navy law enforcement personnel.

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