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Our target markets consist of Department of the Navy ships, personnel, facilities and other Department of Defense Tenants.

Our mission is to implement comprehensive, proactive, and cost-effective plans to prevent, detect and defend Department of Defense personnel, their families and Navy Installation infrastructure against accidents, incidents, and terrorist activities. We will continue to support Chief of Navy Operations initiatives as tasked, supplementing forces in the continuing Global War on Terrorism.

Our key products and services will act as enablers to support our client's mission: to forward deploy Navy combat power.

  • Antiterrorism
  • Security Operations
  • Law Enforcement
  • Harbor Security
  • Physical Security Equipment
  • Physical Security Management and Planning

We also are either directly involved with the development, implementation, or contributing to these projects:

  • Force Protection Vehicle
  • Pass and Decal, Identification (location and contact)
  • Pass and Decal, Identification Analysis

Our vision is to be recognized as an Innovator in the Department of Navy Force Protection Program. We will achieve this vision through partnerships, benchmarking, and leveraging our resources and technology.

We continuously refine our processes and improve our product and service delivery.

Our ability to deliver our services, on time, and to standards relies on management:

  • Allocation of assets to installations in order to support their requirements.
  • Communication regarding business decisions which impact installations and their mission, and accept feedback to our installations.
  • Continually address and improve safety performance and effectively manage risk in all phases of our operation, across all Force Protection functions.
  • Advocate for our customers, always striving to deliver the most cost-effective, reliable, quality products and services.
  • Responsible use of public assets and environmental resources, using innovative business practices and risk management to make effective, responsible decisions.
  • Meet the personal and professional needs of our diverse population of Sailors, Reservists, and Civilians, providing the right skills, at the right time, to accomplish the right work.
  • Minimize the impact of Individual Augmentation losses to our installations.
  • Provide resources as authorized to Naval Reserve Readiness Command and Auxiliary Security Force personnel.

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